Alcopole is a trademark of HPR Endustri A.Ş. for aluminum poles.

HPR Endüstri A.Ş. founded in 2010, in Ankara Turkey. Alcopole with its 20.000 m2 production facility in Başkent Industrial Zone specialises in the production of aluminum lighting poles and flag poles.

Alcopole with its presence in Europe and MENA region is gradually
extending its operation all over the world without compromising quality and customer satisfaction. As a trusted partner Alcopole, not only sells poles but also provides creative solutions to meet the customer needs.

With the help of its qualified human resources and market experience Alcopole, offers highly professional products, creative solutions satisfying the customers design requirements.

Alcopole manufacturing program covers a complete range of aluminum lighting poles.

Standard poles are designed to comply with EN40 and AASHTO standards and can take on a wide range of luminaries and brackets.

Customised specifications and designs are available upon request.

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Heper is our pioneer brand and representative of engineering with its highly energy efficient products. Our Heper product range offers modern and sleek design luminaries to meet contemporary expectations of lighting sector worldwide.

Moonlight, our custom production boutique atelier is at your disposal when you search for an option uniquely yours. This is where we can be like you!

Citynode is our brand new addition for smart city applications. With our new system Citynode, it will be possible to take control of your city via smart nodes through lighting poles and fixtures.

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